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A recent new topic page publication on "forest protection"

Forests are an extremely important part of Myanmar’s natural resources. However, competing economic interests have resulted in the country having one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. Forest management has been on the state agenda since colonial times. However, since at least the ...

Recent publication on data literacy

Open Development Initiative (ODI), an initiative of East-West Management Institute (EWMI), has offered a series of face-to-face training sessions on data literacy for forestry network and environmental advocacy organizations in Thailand, Vietnam, and Lao PDR. Most recently, we completed a similar training, but organized virtually ...

Page title updated

Open Development Myanmar recently updates Special Economic Zone page title including “Relocation from SEZ” on the page.  SEZ Read here>>> Migration from SEZ Read here>>> ...

Women in Open Data

Understanding barriers to women’s access to open data in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam. To access the page>>>     ...

Myanmar Oil and Gas Blocks (2015-2018)

Open Development Myanmar recently published the details of the licenses of onshore and offshore oil and gas blocks as of 2018. Access to the page>>> ...

Essential Information on COVID-19 in Myanmar

Open Development Myanmar (ODMm) recently published a dashboard on “Essential Information on COVID-19 in Myanmar. The collection of data is based on Ministry of Health and Support (MOHs) and others reliable source as national wide. Access to the page>>     ...

Quarterly Financial Statistics Bulletin 2016 Volume 1

Open Development Myanmar publishes a report called Quarterly Financial Statistics Bulletin 2016 Volume 1. This Report include Major Economic Indicators, Monetary Statistics, Financial Market Statistics, Insurance, Interest Rates, Consumer Price Index. Please click here to access:  ...

Grassroots capacity building for REDD+ in Asia

Open Development Myanmar publishes an advocacy material called Grassroots capacity building for REDD+ in Asia. This document reviews the successes and challenges of the REDD+ program’s capacity building efforts across multiple countries, as well as looks ahead to potential next phases for the project. Please ...

Myanmar Census Atlas

Open Development Myanmar publishes a report called Myanmar Census Atlas. The Atlas attempts to present a broader picture of the population as a whole over a wide range of topics, such that the geography of the Census – the way that different characteristics vary in ...

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